Internal Libreboot Flashing Guide

Did you know that once you have flashed your machine externally, you no longer need to tear your machine apart to flash it again. This is a straightforward guide to internal flashing with flashrom

External Libreboot Flashing Guide

The seeming complexity of flashing your old thinkpad might make you reticent to shell out for some SOIC clips. This simple guide will show you how easy the process really is with a simple shell script.

General Libreboot Notes

An introduction to librebooting for those who have never done it before.

Thinkpad T400 Libreboot Guide

The T400 is my preferred machine for daily use. In this guide, you’ll learn how to make it your own.

Thinkpad T500 Libreboot Guide

This machine is the biggest and baddest libreboot-compatible laptop on the market. Free this beast and join the FOSS gang.

Lenovo Firmware Extraction

An explanation of how to extract firmware, including the all-important VGA rom from Lenovo’s firmware.

Thinkpad X200 Libreboot Guide

The X200 is overrated in my humble opinion. The immense popularity of this tiny workstation however, makes it a stellar candidate for a freedom injection

X230/General Osboot Guide

A general guide to working with osboot on post-GM45 hardware. Examples are for the X230.


Comparison of Various Thinkpads

A map of the thinkpad landscape. This guide details features, usage, and my opninion of various thinkpad models.

Quad Core T400 Benchmarks

The results of some benchmarks done with quad core CPUS on a T400.

T400/T500 Cooling Mod

This guide shows you how to improve cooling on your machine. This is especially useful if you have done the quad mod.

Using Heads

A quick intro to what heads is and how to use it.

Extremely Secure Full Disk Encryption with Suspend-to-Ram

LUKS encryption is an extremely useful way to keep your data safe. Running GRUB from your system firmware lets you get even more bang for your encryption-buck.

Pass Password Manager Guide

Simple guide to setting up and using pass as a password manager on a linux machine

T400/T500 Quad Mod Guide

The quad mod is a must for pushing your old thinkpad to compete with modern hardware. This guide makes the process easy for first timers; even if you’ve never touched a soldering iron.

Starting Out With Libreboot

A simple introduction to libreboot. This guide will tell you everything you need to know to get the top-performing fully free thinkpad you can get.

Libreboot Theming

A guide to creating a beautiful custom libreboot theme.

Trisquel Encrypted Install Guide

A companion guide to my other encrption guide. This one explains how install Trisquel with an encrypted boot partition.